Fern Leaves

Synclair's Catalog


Coincidental at best, Hill Chapman and Sidney Warren both need to leave their graduation celebration in Atlanta early. Against their wishes, they journey to Connecticut together.

This car ride could not host a more combative pair.
Hill works a simple warehouse job to match his general education degree on paper, so he doesn't need much attention drawn to his off-the-books job of adding to the local crime rate.
Sidney is a culinary grad next in line to run the catering department at her upscale hotel job. Her paychecks are chump change compared to the figures she pulls running games
on guests behind the scenes.

Through a series of conversations and endless debates on whether or not money affects the dynamic of a relationship, the two grow closer. Finally, Hill and Sidney decide to prove that a money-driven man and woman can remain platonic friends. But, for a decade, they fail miserably at seeing they are the perfect match.