allow me to reintroduce myself.

Synclair is the urban penname of author Moon Bey.

New England-born and bred, Moon combines her knack for storytelling, brash sense of humor and experience as the appointed peer therapist in her inner circles, to create her works of fiction.

Synclair is currently signed to K. Renee Publications.

a word from the author:

This is where Bitchy Baes & Grimey Gents reside.

Picture a young girl from the suburbs infatuated with men like

DMX, Method Man, The Lox, Dipset, you name it.

If he was rough, damaged, and hood as f*ck I was all over it.

Now imagine that same girl with role models like:

Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, Nicki Minaj, etc.

The more outspoken, jaded, bolder, ruder the bitch, the better.

Don’t expect there to be too many happy endings.

It’s melodramatic, bougie, equal opportunity toxicity around here.

Grimey All The Way

In Edgerton County, the holiday season is not guaranteed to spread cheer. For some, those last two weeks are as problematic as the rest of the year.

In one city, Vivienne wants nothing more than to spend her holiday weekend in her bag and on her way to success. Keeping her life free of men and unwanted attachments is her idea of self-care. If you tamper with her peace or her funds, Vivienne never shies away from getting even.

In another, Chadron is focused on her mental health and the stability of her family this December. Reforming is tougher than she imagines. But anyone who gets in her way is handled accordingly as usual. Her nickname isn’t Drama for fun.

You can be the right bitch at the wrong time or the wrong bitch and get caught slipping at the right time. Either way, someone is always watching you more closely than you think.

Grimey All The way is the drama-filled, un-festive, faux Christmas novella you didn’t know you needed. Allow Synclair to introduce you to a new fictional world that will have you visiting more frequently than a few days out of the year.

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