About Moon Bey

Enticing minds in little time, Moon Bey is a wife and stay-at-home mom in her time away from her writing desk. She is also a self-taught graphic designer and publisher.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Moon has been writing poetry, songs, and short stories since her parents gifted her first notebook as a child, showing their trust in her not to draw on the walls anymore. What first began as journaling as an escape from her crowded family life, Moon soon began developing a knack for creating imagery where there was no picture to see. Though many would fall victim to blurring the lines at such a young age, it helped her grasp how authentic reality is and can be.


Since then, she has always used her storytelling skills to help readers see behind the words on paper and into the ink writing them. There’s a lesson, meaning, and inference in all of her works that you may have to be as clever as her to catch. Though on the surface, everyone can reminisce or become energized by her pen with ease.


As Moon embarks on the journey of taking roots in a new home away from the only home she’s known, it will be interesting to see where her pen will take her as her life gains more depth.


Moon Bey vows never to let the ink dry as long as she has someone willing to read it. 

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